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Questions for the Auditor,

How do I find out my current property value?    How do I find out who owns a property in Norwood?    How much are my property taxes?

            These issues are managed by the Hamilton County Auditor, not the City Auditor.  Here is a link to the proper website to answer these questions,

How much of my property tax goes to the City?

              Most of your property tax goes to other sources.  Click on the question to see a breakdown of every $100 of tax I pay on my Norwood home.

What are the expense related to my WATER BILL?

              Click on the question for information.

Where does the City get its revenue?

             The overwhelming majority of the City's revenue is from our 2% earnings tax.  Other sources such as property taxes and charges for services contribute less.  A breakdown can be viewed by clicking on the question.

How does the city spend the taxpayers money?

              Click on the question for a link to a breakdown of City expenditures.

What are the largest type of expenses for the City?

              Personnel expenses are the largest.  These can be viewed by clickin gon the question.

Why does the Fire Department cost so much?

              A breakdown of Fire Department expenses can be viewed by clicking the question.

How is the money spent for the Police Department?

              A breakdown of Police Department expenses can be viewed by clicking the question.

 How much overtime does the City allow?

             A 2014 overtime report can be viewed by clicking on the question.

How much does healthcare cost and how much do employees pay for their healthcare?

            Health care takes up approximately 18% of the general fund budget.  Under their current contracts, City of Norwood employees do not pay for any of their health care costs.  Click on the question for a breakdown.

What are the C-9 Trust and Retirees Health care?

           The retirees health care expense pays for gap insurance for a group of retirees in addition to their pension plan or medicare coverage.  In 2014 this cost $549,323 or 18% of the total health care costs for the general fund.  The C-9 Trust covers additional, health care related, out of pocket expenses, including co-pays and over the counter purchases, not covered by their health plan or the gap insurance paid by the retirees health care plan.   In 2014 the city paid for or encumbered $450,074 for C-9 Trust expenses. 



If you have any questions for the Auditor, contact us though this page.

All answers are based on general understanding of the current unaudited cash totals for 2014.


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