Jim Stith, Auditor

City of Norwood, Ohio



The City has three main funds which receive revenue from Water Bills.  The Sewer Funds only expense is charges from the Metropolitan Sewer District and the Refuse Funds only expense is charges from Rumpke for trash and yard waste collection.  These are "pass through" funds where the City collects fees which are then paid to another agency.

The Water Fund contains the purchase of water and the administration and delivery of services.

The majority of the expenses for the Water Fund are related to the purchase of water from Cincinnati Water Works making up 72% of the total.  This water is delivered to the outskirts of Norwood who then delivers it to the residents.  The costs of maintaining the infrastructure, repairing breaks, and delivering water to homes and businesses makes up the remainder of the expenses.  Here is a breakdown of Water Fund related expenses for 2014,



Personnel Expenses make up 20% of total Water Fund expenses.  Here is a breakdown of these,

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