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Current Year Budget and Expenses

Monthly reports were previously posted on this site but were taken down tdue to the lack of interest and internet traffic to such pages.  With the renewed interest in the Citys budget we will again be posting these data.

We will be using a report called "Expense Report Current Year Only".  this report shows the current appropriations (budget), year to date expenses, encumbrance (open PO's), and the final unecumbered balace (how much is left to spend in that key.  This report shows only the information from the current year reported and does not reflect total cash expenditures.

If anyone views a regular "Expense Report" from the Auditor's office it will show different results as it includes current appropriations plus prior year encumbrance (carry over bills from previous year to be paid this year).  This report does shjow total actual cash spent in the year including that owed from previous years.  This report does not show a good picture of the budget whcih is why we reccommend the "Expense Report Current Year Only".

Appropirations are made for each major line of the report but not the subheadings.  they are made to 7100, not 7111, 7112, etc.  Each key with a subheading will draw from the base key above making the total in that overall key in the final line.

The keys may seem confusing at first but follow this basic formula 01-0500-57232, 01 (fund) 0500 (department) 5 (expense) 72 (contractual exoense) 32 (printing and reporduction).  This key is the General Fund, Auditors office, expense relating to contractual purchase of printing and reporduction.  The key for all funds and subheadings can be downloaded here.  Key_Description.pdf

To see all prior years expenses in an easily readable format please view "Expense Report 2005-2016 available on the Home page or Auditors Reports page.

This is the current report - Budget_Expense_Current_Year_Only_6-27-17.pdf


Exhibit totals passed by City Council-  Norwood_Appropriations_6-1-2017.pdf


These are previous year end (budgetary, not total cash expenditures).




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