Jim Stith, Auditor

City of Norwood, Ohio

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Click on the report name to open a viewable .pdf of the report. 

For City Annual Finaical reports, State Audits, Performance Audits, and Fiscal Watch Analysis click Annual Financial Reports

Certificate of Estimated Resources Available for Expenditures Certificate_12-3-10.pdf  . This is the official estimate of resources filed with Hamilton County.  Any budget produced by the City of Norwood must not exceed these estimates.   The Certificate is updated several times throughout the year.

Norwood City Council monthly Auditor's report for the month ending 12/31/2010  Auditors_Report_12-31-10.pdf


Monthly_Earnings_Tax_12-31-10.pdf         Earnings_Tax_YTD_12-31-10.pdf          Appropriations_Changes_12-31-10.pdf

Revenue Reports 

2010 Monthly Revenue Report Year to Date  Revenue_Report_12-31-10.pdf

2010 Monthly Earnings Tax Revenue Graph  Monthly_Earnings_Tax_12-31-10.pdf

2010 Earnings Tax Revenue Year to Date Comparrison  Earnings_Tax_YTD_12-31-10.pdf

2010 Earnings Tax Revenue Graph - Actual vs. Predicted Earnings_Tax_Actual_vs_Predicted_12-31-10.pdf

2009 Monthly Revenue Report  Revenue_Report_12-31-09.pdf

2008 Monthly Revenue Report  2008_Revenue_Report.pdf


Expense Reports

2010 Monthly Expense Report Year to Date Expense_Report_12-31-10.pdf

2010 Expenses by Department  Department_Totals_12-31-10.pdf

2009 Monthly Expense Report Expense_Report_12-31-09.pdf

2008 Monthly Expense Report   2008_Expense_Report.pdf

2008 Expenses by Department  2008_Department_Totals.pdf

2009 Monthly Expense Report  Expense_Report_12-31-09.pdf

2008 Expense Pie Chart 2008_Expenditure_Pie_Chart.pdf


Budget Reports

2010 Budgetary Changes  Appropriations_Changes_12-31-10.pdf   (Watch the Budget change throughout 2010)

2010 General Fund Budget Pie Chart  2010_Budget_Pie_Chart.pdf

2009 Budgetary Changes  Appropriations_Changes_12-31-09.pdf     (See how the budget changed throughout 2009)

2009 General Fund Budget Pie Chart  2009_GF_Appropriations_Pie_Chart.pdf

2008 Budgetary Changes  2008_Appropriation_Change_Worksheet.pdf             (See how the budget changed throughout 2008)






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